C++ Language

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Introduction of C++

What is C++ Language ?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language.
C++ is Developed by Danish Computer Scientist Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs since 1978 to implement Object Oriented Programming Concepts using the syntax like C Language.
C++ is extension to C Language
C++ means C with Classes
C++ is an increment to C Language
C++ is the new style to write the old C Programs
C++ is updated number of times in the years 2011,2014,2017 and 2020 which are known as C++2011,C++2014,C++2017 and C++20.
C++ is World Popular Programming Language.
C++ is at fourth position in the popularity after Python,C and Java.
Initially C++ was known as 'new C' and 'C with Classes'.
C++ is Structured as well as Object Oriented Programming Language In C++ you can write programs the way you write in C Language and the object oriented also.
We must know C++ to learn the Core Programming Concepts. Most of the companies take technical round using C++ as Programmint Language

In this tutorial we are teaching C++ not from the basics.The pre-requisite knowledge is C Language. We will start our course from Classes and objects. We will not cover like variables,control statements,loops,arrays,functions, pointers,structure,file handling in C.