Spoken English


Welcome you in Spoken English Course :

This is your Day : 1

for us English is Second Language that is ESL.

I am Sunil Guleria is requesting you to follow some instructions to get success in this Spoken English Course.

Following are the instructions :

  1. Most important is to first become good listener.
  2. Learn functional Grammar.
  3. Try to use functional Grammar in day to day life.
  4. Follow the L + R + S + W rule.
  5. Grab all possibilities to speak in English.
  6. Do not think much about right or wrong.
  7. Do not speak in front of the person who criticise you instead of motivating you.
  8. Listen English as much as possible.
  9. Start recording your voice using mobile phone or listen by yourself.

Practice Makes you Perfect so please do lot of practice

Now let me start with some points

This is your day one so first start to use the English which you already know.